You will get same day approval if you match our basic criteria. You must be resident of the United Kingdom and age between 18 years to 70 years, and a steady source of income to get the guaranteed loan acceptance. Your loan amount will vary according to your monthly earning and outgoings.

Do you offer loans for worst credit record?

Loans Direct offer very bad credit loans no guarantor no broker no upfront fees. So your adverse credit would not be an issue if you have a stable income source to repay this personal loan. Apply and get loans with us even if previously you are rejected by other lenders because of any reason, we do no guarantor loans also because we know its very difficult to get a guarantor whenever need some urgent money.

I am unemployed, can I have guaranteed personal loans?     Guaranteed loans for unemployed is impossible, and we can not offer such deal, once you assured us how you would repay the loan then only you can get approval. We can consider pension, allowances and state benefits.

I don't want the credit check.
   Guaranteed loans no credit check is deal for you, we want to make the complete process very quick and easy so most of the time we avoid to perform any credit check. We do accept bad credit, so you don't need to worry if your credit score is not excellent, guaranteed loans for bad credit is only designed for you.

You will avail with following benefits once you applied for a loan with Easy Step Loans.
guaranteed loans no fees No processing Fee
guaranteed loans no guarantor direct lenders We never demand any upfront instalment.
guaranteed loans no brokers No need for any guarantor.
guaranteed loans for really bad credit We do accept excellent and poor credit as well.
100% guaranteed loans Guaranteed acceptance loans
very bad credit loans no guarantor no broker Instant Approval
unsecured personal loans bad credit no guarantor Same day funding

Your Credit Score
   For other loan lenders, it is important to check your credit score; Mostly lender requires borrowers to have a good credit rating. Your credit score could either make or break your loan. It can affect your loan approval, and you might have a hard time applying for loans in the future. However, Easy Step Loans doesnít have any requirements that involve credit score, and you donít have to worry about this aspect.

How, Can I Get guaranteed approved for A Loan?
Secure Application Procedure
   Are you applying for a loan and want to know your chances of getting approved? Well, thereís nothing you should worry about as getting approved for a personal loan is now made easy. The only thing you should do is to follow the instructions provided and submit all the requirements being asked. Once you have successfully done this, then you can get approved for a loan instantly!

Improve Your Credit Score
   You can always improve your credit score. The excellent credit score helps you to get big loan amount and quick funding. If you have the poor credit rating, take some necessary steps. Get a loan from us and payoff other small unsecured loans and bills. Make sure to pay your repayment on time every month, and you can get any loan amount once you have successfully improved your credit score.