Most of us need a little bit of extra cash from time to time. Maybe it is to cover an emergency like car repairs or an unexpected bill or to take advantage of special discounts. If you do need to borrow for a short time, sometimes, it can be difficult to weigh up the best options, especially if the matter is urgent.
   You may think that if it is only a small loan over a short period, you don't need to take too much time thinking about it.

How do I apply for a 12 month payday loan?
   Applying online is a safe and convenient way to get for 12 month payday loans online. We'll save you time and hassle, and help you get the loan you need faster.
   If you think a 12 month payday loan is the right choice for you, just decide how much you'd like to borrow, select the 12 month term and start your application. Alternatively, use the slider to choose from the full range of loan amounts and repayment terms we're able to provide.
   We know that life sometimes throws up surprises, and our 12 month loans are designed to help you get things back on track. Whether one of your appliances needs to be replaced, or your car needs emergency repairs, you can borrow just what you need and pay back the money over a full year.

Do not allow a bad credit rating stop you from securing the finance you need.
   Our Site offers 12-month loans despite poor credit or bad credit history. In the event of an unforeseen bill or living expense, a small loan spread over a 12-month period can bring comfort to the individual repaying the debt. We understand that life is unexpected and can present challenges in the times when we least expect. In these circumstances, it can be difficult to assess the best options especially if the matter is urgent.
   We specialise in 12-month loans for bad credit individuals who have, like many others, failed to pay a previous payment and have been "branded" an unreliable borrower. Conventional financial institutes such as banks, either reject individuals with poor credit or charge high interest. We offer individuals a reasonable interest/APR rate and follow FCA guidelines to have a capped 0.8% rate per day.